About Us
Company Overview
Siam Wellness Group Public Company Limited was registered as limited company on 28th November 2001 with the registered capital of 3 million bahts. The company operate Day Spa under Let's Relax and Destination Spa under RarinJinda Wellness Spa Moreover, Siam Wellness Group also provides management and consultancy services. The company then increased its registered capital to 40 million bahts and 100 million bahts respectively. On 8th May 2014, Siam Wellness Group Co.,Ltd corporatized into Siam Wellness Group Public Co.,Ltd. On 1st August 2015 the Company acquired Baan Suan Massage, a neighbourhood massage Chain in August 2015. The company also hold 100% shares in 3 subsidiary companies.
Siam Wellness Group creates the concept that will provide the best possible customer service with highest satisfaction. With vision that represents different lifestyles, Siam Wellness Group has created 3 brands, namely
  • Siam Wellness Resort Co.,Ltd was registerd as limited company on 30th March 2005 with the registered capital of 60 million bahts. The company operates boutique resort under RarinJinda Wellness Spa Resort and restaurant under Deck1 Exotic Scene & Cuisine

  • Siam Wellness Lab Co.,Ltd was registered as limited company on 6th December 2007 with the registered capital of 1 million bahts. The company distributed natural spa products such as Massage Oil, Essential Oil, Body Scrub etc. under the brand Blooming, Siamese Wellness Secrets for domestic and international market.

  • Siam Wellness Education Co.,Ltd was registered as limited company on 6th July 2011 with the registered capital of 1 million bahts. The company operates Massage School under Siam Wellness Thai Massage School with the objective of training new and existing staff to support the company expansion.
Our philiosophy is to provide a unique professional service to our clientele under the concept of Holistic Healing combing the knowledge and science from the east and the west including Thai, Ayurvedic, Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy Massage Style with the application of thai herbal products. Signature spa menus and packages are created to serve our local and international clients. Our objective is to provide professional spa services above customer satisfaction by expertised therapists to perfectly balance the body and soul.
To be the largest spa operators that manage by Thai Management with different classification of spas with recognized Spa Brands
  • Create Spa standards that are generally acceptable internationally
  • Adapt the knowledge and science of the East and the West therapy to add value to Thai local knowledge and products
  • Support staff to be continuous learner and achieve self-development goals
  • Adhere to local laws and regulations with ethical business practice towards the local communities
Board of Directors
  1. Mrs. Pranee Suphawatanakiat, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors
  2. Mr. Wiboon Utsahajit, Director
  3. Mr. Prasert Jiravanstit, Director
  4. Mrs. Thanit Amorntirasan, Director
  5. Mr. Narun Wiwattanakrai, Director
  6. Mr. Polchet Likittanasombat, Independent Director
  7. Prof. Dr. Bancha Chernchujit, Independent Director
  8. Mrs.Kobboon Srichai, Independent Director
Executive Committee
  1. Mr. Wiboon Utsahajit, Chairman of Executive Committee
  2. Mr. Prasert Jiravanstit, Member of Executive Committee
  3. Mrs. Thanit Amorntirasan, Member of Executive Committee
  4. Mr. Narun Wiwattanakrai, Member of Executive Committee
  5. Mr. Juckpat Jiravanstit, Member of Executive Committee
Audit Committee
  1. Mr. Polchet Likittanasombat, Chairman of Audit Committee
  2. Mrs. Kobboon Srichai, Audit Committee
  3. Prof. Dr.Bancha Chernchujit, Audit Committee
Management Team
  1. Mr. Wiboon Utsahajit, President
  2. Mr. Prasert Jiravanstit, Managing Director
  3. Mr. Narun Wiwattanakrai, Assistant Managing Director
  4. Ms. Yonlawan Eiamlongkorn, Assistant Managing Director(CFO)
  5. Ms. Chutaporn Jiravanstit , Assistant Managing Director
  6. Mr.Prin Ekmanochai, Assistant Managing Director